Current Efforts

Asking the Right Questions

ACPE’s Research & Analysis Unit is focused on working with our partnering agencies to improve access to information required to make informed decisions on education policy and on monitoring current programs, grants, and scholarships which assist students in continuing their education. 

Past efforts helped identify which questions our stakeholders felt were important for education success yet remained unanswered given current information resources.  Focusing Educational Research In Alaska (PDF) presents the results of ACPE’s survey of 229 individuals and agencies involved in K-12 education, professional and business organizations, postsecondary education providers, various boards and commissions with either educational or workforce components to their charters, Native Regional Corporations, various State agencies, and members of the State Legislature. 

The survey results provide guidance as we move forward with a project to improve access to education outcomes information—the incorporation of data from Alaska’s current K-12 statewide longitudinal data system, or SLDS, into a new system that links it with postsecondary and workforce data.  Combining relevant data from multiple existing sources will greatly enhance researchers’ abilities to determine the effects of educational programs and interventions on students’ outcomes.  Funded in part by a $4 million grant from the U.S. Institute of Education Sciences, the P-20W (pre-kindergarten through postsecondary education and workforce) SLDS will provide new insights into Alaska’s educational pipeline.