Discount rates for Alaska students - new this year! 

For students studying in Alaska.

Special discounted rate loan for students attending in Alaska
Rate discounts for auto-pay
Optional in-school payments to help you lower your overall costs

Plus, what you’ll continue to get from us:

No fees & no prepayment penalties
Instant credit check & transparent credit criteria
Serviced in Alaska by Alaskans

Discount Rates for Students in Alaska

Alaska Supplemental
Education Loan (ASEL)

NEW! An even lower-cost option for you to use ASEL for studying in Alaska!  The in-state ASEL can be used for college or career training at institutions across Alaska.

4.93% – 7.50%* APR

(5.15% – 8.00%* fixed rate) 

* Rates are for the 2018-2019 academic year. Learn more about how we determine your interest rate – unlike for-profit lenders, we tell you exactly what criteria we will use. 


For the 2017-18 application visit the forms page here.

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Serviced in Alaska by Alaskans

  • Discounts for studying in Alaska
  • No origination fee
  • Fixed interest rate
  • No payments while you're a full-time student
    •  or, earn an additional discount if you make optional $50+ in-school auto-payments

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Don't Pay More with Private Lenders

According to LendEDU.com, students who borrow with national private lenders have a significantly higher average interest rate than Alaskan students who borrow through ACPE. The difference could save you thousands over the life of your loan. 

9.66% average private lender fixed rate

– vs –

6.69% average ACPE fixed rate

Be aware of advertising for rates that only those with top-tier credit can qualify for – and don’t accept a higher rate just because you've already completed the leg work to fill out the application. Make sure to do your research and find the best rate for you.  

Variable vs Fixed Rate

According to LendEDU.com

94% of students borrowing from private lenders select variable rate loans

– likely because the variable rate offered by the lender is lower than the fixed rate the same lender can offer.

But variable rates change over time, especially in the current environment of rising rates! You risk having your costs rise over the life of your loan - potentially costing you thousands of dollars.

And - as an Alaskan - you have access to fixed rates that are lower than other lenders’ variable rates, through ACPE.

7.81% average private lender variable rate