Bethel Guide Profile

Nathaniel Betz

Chuck Arrsauyaq Herman

High school: I graduated from Bethel Regional High School

My College/Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Analysis - Sociology from Pomona College

Phone/Email: 907-543-3957 x2613 /

Personal Biography:

Why I went to college:

College allowed me to grow as a person and advanced my career goals. From a young age, I knew I wanted to go to college, though I could not have imagined the myriad ways it has contributed to and shaped my life. Moving from Bethel to southern California exposed me to an entirely different place (a key difference being the wonders of sunshine in the winter) and the academic challenges I had to overcome instilled in me the confidence to tackle any challenge. I met and made a number of friends I plan on keeping for the rest of my life and was able to truly explore what interests me and what I want to do. Going to college is, quite possibly, the best choice I have ever made.

Why I chose to be a College & Career Guide:

Bethel is full of hardworking, intelligent, and wonderful people, but sadly, we continuously struggle to find leaders who have grown up in the community to take charge. With an understanding of the postsecondary options available, the students currently at Bethel Regional High School are capable of taking the reins in Bethel. From maintenance worker to mayor and tribal governors to teachers, the hardworking, intelligent, and wonderful Bethelites have the ability to take charge if they are able to access the educational resources they need.

While postsecondary education will benefit the community, it is only able to do so because it allows individuals to develop an understanding of who they are and gives them the toolkit to pursue their dreams. It is imperative that BRHS students understand their options for both the betterment of the community and their own personal development.

I see this position as a crucial component of making postsecondary training, whether college or technical, happen and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with my fellow Warriors on figuring out their postsecondary plans.