Kenai/Nikiski Guide Profile

Tasha Thompson

Jordan Brown

Hometown/High school: Soldotna, Soldotna High School

My College/Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Health Science Studies from Boise State University

Phone/Email: 907-283-2397

Personal Biography:

Why I went to college:

I went to college because it was an opportunity for me to go into a career I was passionate about. I knew from the beginning what I wanted to be and did not let anything get in my way of accomplishing my goals. It was a way for me to experience life outside of Alaska and learn from my endeavors. Furthering my education after high school was the best decision I have ever made.

Why I chose to be a College & Career Guide:

I wanted to be a College and Career Guide because it gives me the opportunity to get back and give back to the community I grew up in. A program like this was not in the high schools when I was a student; I know that if it was I would have utilized it. Now that this opportunity is there for the students I am pleased I can be the person they can go to for postsecondary education help.