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Bryan Rivera

Bryan Rivera

Hometown/High school: Kodiak, AK

My College/Degree: California Lutheran University/ UAA, Bachelor's in Marketing

Phone/Email: 907-481-2588 / bryan.rivera@alaska.gov

Personal Biography:

Why I went to college:

I wanted to go to college because I envisioned a successful future for myself. My inspiration for postsecondary education was my mother. She was not able to complete high school and wanted me to experience every opportunity and that meant getting a college degree. Something that surprised me about my school experience was the numerous programs they provided for students. It allowed me to explore different options and opened career opportunities I was interested in.

The scariest/most challenging thing about college was being away from home. The first college I went to was California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, CA, which is about 4,000 miles from Kodiak, AK. It was terrifying initially, but I learned to immerse myself in all the school's activities to enjoy my experience.

Why I chose to be a College & Career Guide:

I became an ACAC Guide because I wanted to help students achieve their goals after high school. I wanted to be a main resource for providing information towards their future endeavors.