Seward Guide Profiles

Nathaniel Betz

Kurt Simonsen

Hometown/High school: Anchorage, East Anchorage High School

My College/Degree: Salisbury University, Bachelor's in Environmental Studies and a minor in Public Relations.

Phone/Email: 907-269-7978 /

Personal Biography:

Why I went to college:

The reason I wanted to go to college was because I wanted to give myself a real challenge. High-school and I never fully agreed with one another, so the opportunity to continue to post-secondary education made a world of difference to the way I thought about education. I was searching for validation from my family, friends, and most important internally. I could not believe how inspiring it was to attend college. Not only did I want to learn while I was in the class or doing homework, it also inspired me to continue to explore everything I was curious about.

One of the hardest things about college was going so far away. Salisbury University is on the coast of Maryland in a small farm community. I had to make a completely new set of friends, but this helped me develop as a person. Post-secondary education was well worth my time and effort because I feel like I've become more worldly and a respected member of the community. I have a better grasp on how the world turns now, and after receiving my education I will never cease to achieve more education.

Why I chose to be a College & Career Guide:

I wanted to become an ACAC guide because I want to help other students realize how life-changing a post-secondary education can be. I've seen the difference between my life now, and my friends' lives that have not completed any form of post-secondary education. I feel that I can handle any challenge now, so I want to spread the love and passion I've developed for education to other students. Everybody deserves a chance, and everybody deserves an education.