Soldotna/Skiview Guide Profile

Emily Cotton

Emily Knight

Hometown and high school: Costa Mesa, CA/ Costa Mesa High School

My College/Degree:Vanguard University of Southern California / B.S. in Mathematics

Phone/Email: Soldotna 907-260-7083 & Skyview 907-260-2397 /

Personal Biography:

Why I chose to go to college:

I wanted to go to college because both of my older sisters had gone before me and I knew that a college degree was the path I needed to take to find a fulfilling career in teaching secondary education.

The scariest/most challenging thing about college was moving away from home, so I chose to go to a school that would challenge me academically but that was also in close proximity to my family.

If I could do it all over, something I would do differently is live on campus my freshman year to help me build strong, personal relationships with my college peers.

Why I chose to be a College & Career Guide:

I wanted to be an ACAC Guide because I want to help students make a post-secondary education plan that will help them pave the way to a challenging and rewarding career.