K-8 Classroom Resources and Programs

ACPE's programs, publications and training opportunities can help you better prepare your students for college and vocational training programs. ACPE's early outreach and education programs and publications are designed for second through eighth grade students.

Contact ACPE Outreach to learn more about specific outreach programs and publications.

ACPE also offers programs and information for high school students.

WYS - 6th-8th grade

What's Your Story - Poster

Students in 6th, 7th or 8th grade

Share your story with other Alaskan middle school students!

The What's Your Story? newspaper showcases career dreams of Alaskan middle school students and highlights different vocational and professional career possibilities in each issue.

Every 7th and 8th grade student in the state receives a copy in the mail, and some Alaska middle school students participate in writing it!

To get your own copy, or to learn how you or someone you know can become part of the paper, contact ACPE Outreach.

Be part of the Alaska middle school newspaper What's Your Story?.
Download a submission packet today!

Previous editions of What's Your Story? are available upon request:

IKIC - 2nd grade

I Know I Can Poster

I Know I Can - 2nd grade

I Know I Can encourages young children and their families to start thinking about college early.

Volunteers share the I Know I Can story with second-graders in participating schools.

Designed to inspire youngsters to begin their own career exploration, this story makes the connection between careers and higher education, and sends the message that college is possible.

I Know I Can is funded by the UA College Savings Plan with organizational support from ACPE. For I Know I Can photos, visit ACPE's Facebook page.

IGTC - 5th-6th grade

I'm Going To College - Poster

I'm Going To CollegeSM - 5th-6th grade

I'm Going To CollegeSM introduces 5th and 6th grade students to their first college experience through a day of age appropriate classes and an eight-chapter classroom curriculum.

I'm Going To CollegeSM began with nearly 600 students in five communities during the 2003-2004 school year. During the 2011-2012 school year, nearly 1850 students participated in 11 communities across the state.

I'm Going To CollegeSM is a partnership between ACPE and the UA College Savings Plan. For I'm Going To CollegeSM photos visit ACPE's Facebook page.

AKCIS Jr. - 5th-8th grade

AKCIS - Junior

Alaska Career Information System - 5th grade and beyond

Beginning as early as 6th grade, students can use AKCIS Junior to explore colleges and careers and develop academic and career plans. This free interactive online planning tool allows students to build custom portfolios and resumes, and save academic and career information which can easily be accessed through AKCIS in high school and college.

Set up a free AKCIS Junior account or call the AKCIS helpline to learn more.

5th-8th grade

Classroom Posters - 5th-8th grade

APS Takes U There Poster

College and U poster

Reach $ College Poster

Motivate your students to pursue education after high school! Alaskan kids send the message that everyone is college material. A new poster is distributed at the beginning of the school year to every 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade classroom in the state.

Additional posters and posters from previous school years are available upon request from ACPE Outreach at no cost to you.