Application Process

Institutions applying for an initial authorization to operate in Alaska must meet minimum standards, as established in Alaska Statute (AS)14.48 and SEction 20 of the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) Chapter 17. The minimum standards are outlined in the Initial Application for Authorization to Operate a Postsecondary Institution. To request an Initial Authorization Packet, contact the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education (ACPE) by email at EED.ACPE‐ or by telephone at 907‐465‐6741. The completed application, application fee, and all supporting documentation outlined in the packet, should be returned to ACPE, P.O. Box 110505, Juneau, AK, 99811-0505.

Initial authorization, renewal of authorization, or changes to an authorized institution, require Commission approval and must be submitted at least 90 days before the Commission meeting at which the request is to be considered.

Applications follow a similar process:

  • The institution submits the appropriate application, forms, and supporting materials to ACPE, including payment of fees.
  • Staff reviews the submitted documentation and schedules a site visit, as necessary. If the information is incomplete or additional information is required, staff will contact the institution.
  • Staff forwards a recommendation to the Commission for consideration at the next scheduled Commission meeting. 
  • The Commission reviews the institution information and staff recommendation at the quarterly meeting. Institution staff may comment on the information and recommendation at the meeting.
  • The Commission takes action on the application.
  • Staff notifies the institution of the Commission's action.
 Fees and Deadlines
Authorization - Initial  $2,500
Authorization - Renewal $500-$2,500*
Exemption from Authorization $100
Amendment to Authorization: New Program; Program Revision; Change of Ownership $100
Amendment to Authorization: Change in Location $500
Additional Site Inspection             $500
Late Application $250
Agent’s Permit - Initial $500
Agent’s Permit - Renewal $250

* The Renewal of Authorization fee is set at 3% of average tuition receipts during the most recent authorization period

Application Deadline Commission Meeting at which application will be considered:
January 15 April
April 15 July
July 15 October
October 15 January

Within 30 days of a change in ownership of an authorized institution, the institution must apply for a new authorization to operate. 

Changes to the institution's senior management, mission, educational program or program delivery, location, or any departure from program information specified in the institution's most recent authorization applicaiton must be approved by the Commission before implementaiton.