Going To College in Alaska

Going to College In Alaska 

The online edition of Going to College in Alaska gives a quick and easy comparison of postsecondary institutions in Alaska, and also provides helpful financial aid information. The print version of this magazine is mailed to every high school junior in the state.



Choosing a Program of Study

Still Undecided?

It can be hard to settle on a career path right out of high school, and a lot of students start off with an undeclared major. And that's fine - you can use a semester or two of general education requirements to help discover what's best for you. But settle on a major as soon as possible. Choosing a major and applying for admittance to the right program can save you valuable time and money by helping you graduate sooner.

Explore Your Options

The first step is deciding what your goal is after college or training. You can start by talking to an enrollment advisor at your school, or meeting with academic advisors in a few different areas that interest you. If you are going to college, try taking general education classes that overlap with one or more fields that you think you may want to major and eventually work in.

Research Careers


You can research careers and programs of study with the Alaska Career Information System (AKCIS). AKCIS has interactive quizzes, called assessments, which match you to occupations with similar interests, skills, and work values.

AKCIS provides comprehensive information on almost any career field including:

  • how much it pays
  • the best degree (training) needed to be competitive in this field
  • the future outlook both in Alaska as well as nationally

Program and/or School Type

Choosing the school and program of study you need is simplest if you know what career you want to pursue. A career goal can also determine what level of education you need to be qualified in the field. Some occupations require specific certifications and training hours, while others may require advanced degrees. If you know what degree you need, you can narrow your list of choices.

The best preparation for a specific career can be:

  • an apprenticeship program
  • a vocational, trade, or career school
  • a two-year or community college
  • a four-year college or university

If you haven’t chosen a career yet, but know you want to continue your education, you can start a general education curriculum at a two- or four-year college or university. Choose a school that offers several majors you think you may be interested in, and make use of resources available to help you choose a major.

Exchange Programs

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Alaska or Outside?

Staying in Alaska to go to college may lower your college costs. However, some programs of study may not be available in-state. If you want to study out of state, consider exchange programs that provide tuition benefits.

Alaska participates in student exchange and access programs that provide higher education opportunities to improve the variety of courses available to Alaskans. ACPE certifies Alaska students' eligibility for these programs, and offers program-specific loans for some exchange programs. Some Alaska institutions may also offer exchange programs.

 Authorized Schools

Alaska offers numerous programs of study and career paths to its citizens. Learn more about postsecondary institutions authorized, or exempt from authorization in the State of Alaska.