Paying for College & Training

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Cost of Higher Education

Standard costs for postsecondary education vary but normally include tuition, fees, books, room and board, transportation and other everyday expenses. In reality, many of us need financial aid to help cover the costs of attending postsecondary education however the good news is - financial aid is available to help make this investment into your future.

Best Choice for You

Compare the value of the education, and financial aid available, to the cost. The goal is not to find the cheapest education, but to find the one that will help you accomplish your goals. And remember that expensive options may end up being cheaper when you consider the financial aid available such as federal grants or state aid, including the Alaska Performance Scholarship.

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Compare Net Prices, not "Sticker Prices"

The most accurate way to compare colleges on the basis of cost is by comparing each college's net price. Net price is the price that students actually pay after scholarships and grants are taken into consideration, and can often be far lower than the college's "sticker price." You'll only know your actual net price after you've been admitted, but you can estimate by using the Department of Education's College Navigator and the net price calculators located on each college's website.

Financial Aid

What is financial aid? It is simply money to help cover the costs of attending college or vocational school - it comes in many forms, including scholarships, grants, work study, loans and prepaid tuition and college savings plans. Primary sources of funding include federal and state aid, school-based aid, private corporations, clubs, and non-profit, civic, and faith-based organizations. 


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Visit Going To College In Alaska to help pay for your education.

Visit or call ACPE’s Success Center in Anchorage.

Attend Alaska College Goal Sunday in Spring.

Call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-4FEDAID or visit

Visit the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA)

Speak with your school’s financial aid office.  


Financial Aid Resources

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  • The military provides financial aid programs for members of the armed services, including the reserves. If you’re a member of or considering joining the military, research military aid: