APS/AEG and the UA Scholars Award

What is the difference between the UA Scholars program and the Alaska Performance Scholarship?

The UA Scholars Award is a program of the University of Alaska that awards an $11,000 scholarship to the top 10 percent of graduates from each qualified Alaska high school. The award may be used for attendance at any UA campus statewide. Students are designated by their high school based on their standing at the end of their junior year. The program does not require a specific GPA, test score, or curriculum. UA Scholars receive $1,375 per semester for up to eight semesters. The award amount is fixed and is not dependent on other financial aid received. Once enrolled, UA Scholars must maintain full-time enrollment status and a 2.5 cumulative GPA to remain eligible for the award. For more information on the UA Scholars program go to www.alaska.edu/scholars/

The Alaska Performance Scholarship is a program of the State of Alaska. It can be awarded to any Alaska high school graduate meeting eligibility requirements, including GPA, test scores, and curriculum. The award can be used for postsecondary training at a college or approved career and technical program in Alaska. A student’s eligibility amount varies based on GPA and test scores. In addition, the amount a student can receive is limited by costs of attendance, as certified by the postsecondary institution the student attends, and other financial aid. A prorated Alaska Performance Scholarship award may be available for eligible students studying at least half-time.

All recipients must meet annual satisfactory academic progress.

Can students who are UA Scholars also receive an Alaska Performance Scholarship?

Yes. However, in some cases the amount of the Alaska Performance Scholarship award may be reduced. The Alaska Performance Scholarship amount may not exceed an award recipient's unmet costs of attendance after all other non-loan aid a recipient is eligible for has been applied.

What Does APS/AEG Set –Aside Eligible High Schools Mean?


A portion of each year’s APS and AEG funds is reserved and awarded to APS and AEG-eligible students graduating from an Alaska district with less than 800 students, or from a high school operated by the Alaska State-Operated School System.  If you graduated prior to 2011, from a high school that meets either of these criteria, be sure to log in to your Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP) account and specify your high school.  If your school is not listed but you believe it meets one of the two criteria in the year you graduated, please contact us at 800-441-2962.

Note: ACPE may verify that you graduated from the school you indicated.