School District FAQs

Can a weighted GPA be used when determining scholarship eligibility?

As defined by statute grade-point average (GPA) means the average of all grades on a four-point scale, or five-point scale for advanced placement classes, obtained by the student in high school. AS 14.43.849.

When is the report/list of eligible scholarship students due from school districts to the state?

Districts are required to submit scholarship eligibility information within the Summer OASIS collection, due to the state by July 15th. New fields will be added to the collection for reporting this information.

May a school district determine students’ scholarship eligibility based upon composite/combined SAT or ACT scores?

Yes, subject to the standard policy or practice of a school district, the composite/combined scores may be used for determining the APS eligibility level.  Under AS 14.03.113, if a student is eligible, the district shall state in the student’s permanent record the highest level of funding for which the student is eligible.  Specific scores are not included in the eligibility data the district must submit to EED.

For further information on SAT and ACT composite scores, you may visit:

  1. How ACT figures the multiple-choice test scores and the Composite score
  2. Understanding your SAT scores  

Will middle school courses be counted for scholarship eligibility determination?

For the classes of 2011 and 2012, middle school courses could not be considered for scholarship eligibility determination, based on program statutes regarding student eligibility specified in AS 14.43.820.

Legislation passed by the Alaska legislature in 2012 made changes to this provision. Beginning with the class of 2013, high-school level courses taken earlier than 9th grade (for example in middle school) will now be considered for APS eligibility determination, if the course otherwise:

  • meets the content standards for a grade 9 - 12 course;
  • meets the appropriate curriculum requirements; and,
  • appears on the student’s high school transcript


May credit-bearing courses taken in a foreign exchange program be used to meet the eligibility requirements of the Alaska Performance Scholarship if the courses are taken pass/fail and do not affect the students’ GPA?

School districts shall determine the eligibility of such courses on a case-by-case basis. Districts should require evidence that the foreign exchange courses and the students’ work reflect sufficient rigor to allow the courses to be used to meet the APS eligibility requirements. Districts must maintain the students’ foreign exchange records and make them available to the Department of Education & Early Development upon request. Districts should advise students who are considering a foreign exchange about these requirements.