Receiving the First Award

So you've qualified and applied for the APS - now what?

To receive the first award, you must also:

  • be admitted to a qualifying degree or certificate program at a participating Alaska institution;
  • notify your institution before the enrollment certification deadline that you plan to attend using an APS award;
  • enroll in:
    • at least 12 credits per term to receive a full-time award (6 credits per term for a reduced half-time award); or 
    • a qualifying clock-hour CTE program; and

You must also have unmet costs of attendance of $500 or more after considering all other non-loan aid, such as grants and other scholarships.

If you want to receive the maximum number of awards, remember:
  • You must file a new FAFSA every year.
  • You must meet continuing eligibility requirements.
  • You have six years after high school graduation to fully use up to four years (eight semesters) of awards.


First Award Action Timeline



Notes for Students

Jan 1 through Jun 30

Apply by the June 30 deadline.

Be sure to file the FAFSA for the academic year you plan to attend - not the previous year. Apply early (by February 15) to be considered for additional aid programs with the same application.

Log on to the Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP) to verify if your application has been received. If you apply via the FAFSA-on-the-Web, your information should be available on ASAP within five business days of completion.



Individual student high school eligibility status is available in ASAP.

Alaska school districts are required to report each student’s eligibility information to the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED). 


Late Aug - early Sept

Postsecondary schools  certify APS-qualifying enrollment status.

Be sure that, prior to school certification:

  • your ASAP record lists the correct school you plan to attend. Unless you otherwise indicate, this is the school you list first on your FAFSA or alternate application. Request an institution transfer in ASAP if you need to change the institution listed.
  • you have been admitted to a qualifying degree or certificate program at the school you plan to attend for the upcoming academic year. For questions about admissions, contact your school's registrar office.
  • you are enrolled in the appropriate program or number of credits by your school’s enrollment deadline. 

Sept 1 - 30

Schools begin requesting APS funds on behalf of their APS-eligible students.

The APS is sent to schools in two payments, usually 50% of the award when the student begins attendance, and the other 50% at the start of the next term or midpoint of a CTE program.  Generally, your school will first apply your APS funds to your outstanding school debt for that year, if any, and then pay any remaining funds to you. 

Work with your financial aid office to ensure you meet all payment deadlines.