ANSWERS- What is it?


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ANSWERS is the State of Alaska's P-20W Statewide Longitudinal Data System (SLDS). ANSWERS will link existing Alaska K-12, higher education and employment data to deliver critical information to Alaska's policymakers, educators, and general public about the state's education continuum. The State of Alaska has received a $4 million federal grant over 3 years to develop ANSWERS.

Using ANSWERS, it will be possible to identify programs that result in long-term economic benefits for: our students, business/industry and for the state. Alaska will be able to examine program outcomes and interventions that are most successful and cost-efficient, adapting models to specific students population to ensure maximum benefit, improving our education and training outcomes and growing our own highly skilled Alaska workforce.

ANSWERS – Alaska Navigator: Statewide Workforce and Education-Related Statistics is a collaboration of the following organizations:




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