Outreach Resources

Success Center
Through one-on-one or group sessions, complete the FAFSA, explore college & career training options, search for scholarships, and more
Create a portfolio, take assessments, explore careers, research education opportunities, compile scholarships, build a resume, and put some planning tools to work for you.
AK College & Career Advising Consortium (ACAC)
FAFSA Time Alaska is a series of events across Alaska where financial aid professionals join other volunteers to help Alaska's students complete the FAFSA.
Early college awareness programs and resources help second through eighth grade students explore their interests, open their minds to a multitude of college and career options, and take the appropriate first steps toward success by guiding them to build early personal learning and career plans. 
Financial Literacy
ACPE's Financial Literacy site offers videos and downloadable materials for students, parents, teachers, and others to review and more.
Postsecondary Resources Available for Download
A guide for understanding the college and career training options in Alaska and how to get enrolled. Request copies here.