About the Scholarship

When will the Alaska Performance Scholarship be available?

Graduates of the high school class of 2011 were the first Alaskans eligible for award. Future Alaska high school graduates who qualify for the APS can receive an award for enrollment in a qualifying program beginning on or after August 1st following graduation. Final award notification is made after the postsecondary education confirms qualifying enrollment. Students can monitor their status in their Alaska Student Aid Portal (ASAP) account.

Is funding available for scholarships?

Yes! On April 15, 2012, the legislature passed legislation establishing the Higher Education Investment Fund, intended to be a self-sustaining source of long-term funding for the Alaska Performance Scholarship and AlaskAdvantage Education Grant. The bill was signed into law by Governor Parnell on Sept. 13, 2012; allowing the previously set aside $400 million to be transferred into the new fund.

How much is the scholarship award?

There are three maximum award levels: $4,755 a year, $3,566 a year, and $2,378 a year. Alaska Performance Scholarship recipients may remain eligible for up to eight semesters of enrollment. Awards will be prorated in the event insufficient funding is available upon intial award (usually calculated in early August). In every case, award recipients must apply for and use any other non-loan aid they receive, such as state or federal grants or other scholarships before the Alaska Performance Scholarship is applied toward payment of their remaining costs. The recipient will not receive an APS in an amount that exceeds the remaining costs of attendance.

NOTE: The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated based upon FAFSA data is considered self-help and does not reduce the APS amount a student may receive.

What determines the level of scholarship earned?

A combination of the eligible student’s high school GPA and score on a college-entrance or career-readiness examination. For eligible students at schools that do not award grades, the Department of Education & Early Development will develop alternate, equivalent requirements.

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