What is Encrypted E-mail?

Secured email through encryption is the process of scrambling data so it cannot be read without a secret decryption. It ensures privacy by keeping information concealed from anyone who is not authorized to see it. Encrypting e-mail allows secure communication between the sender and recipient.

Why are we implementing secure messaging?

With the ever increasing threat of email interception and identity theft the state of Alaska has implemented a policy requiring that all email communications containing personal information be sent encrypted. To help implement this important and practical security measure, we are using a secure messaging service (Cisco IronPort) to protect our email and ensure all personal information remains confidential.

When the IronPort filter/detection system spots sensitive information, such as a Social Security number or date of birth (when accompanied by the acronym DOB) in an outgoing message, it will automatically encrypt it and notify the recipient a secure email message is waiting.

If you have any questions about email encryption or viewing secure email through Cisco IronPort please see the tutorial and user guide links above.


  • ACPE will never send an email requesting secure information such as a password or social security number.
  • ACPE will never ask you to verify account information by clicking on a link from an email.

ACPE encourages you not to open emails from suspicious or unknown sources. If you are concerned about the validity of an email that reports to originate from ACPE or AlaskAdvantage Programs please contact customer service.