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Related Programs & Services

ACPE offers a suite of financial aid and outreach services, designed to provide access to higher education for all Alaskans.

The Commission's financial aid products are not made available over the web other than through ACPE's official web site. Additionally, the Commission does not provide payday loans or cash advances, and any sites purporting to offer such products are not related to or endorsed by ACPE.

A complete list of State of Alaska programs administered by ACPE is available on the Programs and Services page. ACPE encourages anyone with questions about whether a financial aid product is offered by ACPE to contact the Commission via our Contact Us page.

Third-Party Websites & External Sites

The Commission has elected to be represented on a select number of third third-party websites which are related to ongoing agency programs. ACPE pages on these sites are updated regularly by ACPE staff. Below is a list of official ACPE pages on third third-party websites, and sites hosted on external servers that are maintained by ACPE: