Applications, Deadlines, and Fees


Exemption from Authorization


Application Payment

ACPE only able to accept Checks or ACH Transactions as a form of payment. Checks should be submitted with the application materials. If your Institution is interested in completing an ACH Transaction as a form of payment, please contact Commission Staff for details. A W-9 form is available for providers needing the State of Alaska’s taxpayer identification number in order to issue the application fee.

Fees and Deadlines

Authorization – Initial & Change of Ownership $2,750 for three programs, plus $750 for additional programs, $5,000 max
Authorization - Reporting $400-$1,000*
Exemption from Authorization $250
Amendment to Authorization: New Program; Mission, or Location $750
Additional Site Inspection $500
Administrative Approval              $200
Late Application $250
Agent’s Permit - Initial $500
Agent’s Permit - Renewal $250

* The Annual Reporting fee is set at 1.2% of average tuition receipts during the most recent authorization period

Authorization and Amendment Application Deadline at 5:00pm, AKST, on date below Commission Meeting at which application will be considered:
 April 12, 2024  July 11, 2024
 July 26, 2024  October 24, 2024
 October 11, 2024  January 9, 2025