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Where Alaskans Go After Graduating from High School - Report 2018

Where Alaskans Go After Graduating from High School is the first product of the Alaska Education and Workforce Outcomes Data System—a cross-sector collaboration between the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education, the Department of Education and Early Development, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the University of Alaska. It finds that low-income and Alaska Native students are more likely to stay in Alaska than students with more social or economic mobility, and that high-achieving students are more likely to leave the state to attend out-of-state colleges.

This proof-of-concept report provides a longitudinal understanding of Alaska students' postsecondary decisions, and offers decision-makers a benchmark for strategic, effective investments in Alaska's education moving forward.

As our abilities to collect, share and analyze data grow, ACPE and our research partners hope to provide those stakeholders in Alaska's educational system – including students, parents, educators, administrators and policy makers – with data-backed analysis and research findings. Early efforts to provide such information are included in our reports below, as are links to a sample of our research partners' works.

Gretchen Becker, ACPE Research Analyst

Published Reports

Alaska Higher Education Almanac 2019

Alaska's unique challenges in higher education and workforce training shape the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education's (ACPE) strategic goals, and provide opportunities for innovation.
One of these challenges is connecting communities of students and education leaders with the information they need about the overall state of higher education in Alaska and about postsecondary education institutions across the state. A first step towards addressing this need for timely and accessible information is ACPE's Alaska Higher Education Almanac.

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