AKCIS Training

AKCIS trainings are provided free of charge for active AKCIS sites through the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education. Custom training sessions on topics of your choice can be arranged upon request. Just email us with your request at akcis@alaska.gov.

Request In-Person Training Sessions:

  • ACPE does not guarantee an in-person training session; all local trainings are subject to staff and resource availability.
  • Requestors are expected to actively aid in the recruitment of participants in their community if hosting a training session.
  • Training is provided at no charge; however, ALL training session sites must have internet access and an adequate number of training attendees.
Distance training modules help enhance your skills with this great tool to help students or clients. They are provided online and offered all year. Attendees can register to attend upcoming sessions, and sites may request custom sessions for their staff.

Training Topic: What's New 2014/2015

When: November 19th (3:30-4:30PM) - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Description: Annually redesigned to provide a quick overview of updated content, new tools and capabilities, as well as answers to specific AKCIS questions.

Audience: Beginner / Intermediate

Training Topic: Building Personal Learning and Career Plans (PLCP)

When: December 4th (3:30-4:30PM) - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Description: Learn how to use AKCIS to easily create, save, update, and print individual Personal Learning and Career Plans.

Audience: Intermediate

Training Topic: Administration Tools

When: December 10th (3:30-4:30PM) - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Description: A full presentation of AKCIS Administration Tools, which allow teachers, counselors, caseworkers, etc. to create portfolios for students remotely, review site usage, assign student activities, report on student results, and more!

Audience: Intermediate / Advanced

Training Topic: 10 Tools for Top Notch Transitions


When: December 15th (3:30-4:30PM) - REGISTRATION CLOSED

Description: A quick overview of 10 helpful AKCIS tools counselors, teachers, and administrators can use to help students prepare for smooth transitions from high school to postsecondary education.

Audience: Intermediate