Modules Descriptions
ACPE does not guarantee an in-person training session; all local trainings are subject to staff and resource availability. Training is provided at no charge; however, ALL training session sites must have internet access. In Anchorage, trainings can be held at the requestor's location, or at the ACPE Success Center. All trainings are available in person or by distance methods.


New Training Sessions:

What is AKCIS? (30 Min.)

This training on AKCIS is designed to introduce features in AKCIS that are beneficial to training attendees. This training is for those who want to learn what career and education resources AKCIS can provide for their clientele. This training is customizable for different groups; students, parents, educators, adult job seekers and supporting staff. For instructions on how to become a site and/or gain access to administrative tools, please sign up for our "5 Steps to Getting Started training."

What's New 2014 / 2015 (60 min.)

Annually redesigned to provide a quick overview of updated content, new tools and capabilities, as well as answers to specific AKCIS questions.

5 Steps to Getting Started (60 min. )

This training prepares administrative staff to give access to their users and set staff members up with individual accounts. At the end of this training, administrators, users and site staff will be ready to begin the career/education planning process together using the resources and tools in AKCIS.

AKCIS For Middle School: A 6-8th Grade Option (45 min.)

An overview of AKCIS Jr, a version of AKCIS designed for students in grades 6-8, which features a step-by-step plan for working through age-appropriate self-exploration and career planning exercises.

Using AKCIS with Adults (60 min.)

An overview of maximizing the use of AKCIS tools with adults, this section reviews the job seeker version of the Career Plan. It also walks through the Job Search section and Resume Creator. Whether you're serving a population interested in a complete career change or those who just need to get the next job, there are tools to help you meet their needs efficiently.

The AKCIS Portfolio (60 min.)

An exploration of the AKCIS portfolio, including how students can create one and begin working with the interactive planning tools. This module covers the sections of the Portfolio: Checklists, Career Plan, Favorites, Sort and Assessment Results, Course Planner, Resume Creator, and Stored Files and Links.

Assessments & Sort (60min.)

A demonstration of the assessments and sorting tools available in AKCIS highlighting all features available for evaluating and working with assessment results.

Sharing through the AKCIS Portfolio (30 min.)

An overview of the ways students and staff can share portfolio content with others. This session covers Visitor Accounts, Parent Accounts, Advisor Accounts and 2-Way Messaging.

Building In-Depth Online PLCPs (60 min.)

AKCIS is a good option for developing and housing a student’s Personal Learning and Career Plan (PLCP). This session walks through saving goals, action plans, exploration, student work, resume information, and assessment results into the AKCIS portfolio. Knowledge of the portfolio tools and their use is required for this session.

Administration Tools: Behind the Portfolio (60 min.)

A full presentation of AKCIS Administration Tools, which allow teachers, counselors, caseworkers, etc. to create portfolios for students remotely, review site usage, assign student activities, and report on student results.

Building Custom Activity Checklists (90 min.)

An overview of the new updated Checklists feature. This feature allows site administrators to create site-specific checklists of activities for portfolio users to complete both within and outside of AKCIS.

  • NOTE: Special training sessions on topics of your choice can be arranged upon request. For more information or to request training services, contact the AKCIS Helpline at (877) 269-7974 (269-6929 in Anchorage) or email your request to