Kids 2 College

In addition to Postsecondary Planning Tools, Success Steps for Students and Guiding Steps for Families, Educators can apply for any or all of the following: 6-Lesson Classroom Curriculum, Postsecondary & Career Prep Panel Discussions, Postsecondary Pathway Presentations.

Classroom Curriculum

 Kids2Careers Classroom Curriculum includes a 6-lesson curriculum, educator resources, campus events & virtual tours, postsecondary & career prep panel discussions, and family resources.

Postsecondary & Career Prep Panel Discussions

 These panels provide students the opportunity to ask questions and learn firsthand about educational and career training pathways, and so much more.

Postsecondary Pathway Presentations

 ACPE staff are available to present useful tools, activities, and timelines to help students take the right steps at the right time. Schedule a presentation today for your students.

Postsecondary Planning Tools

ACPE has free tools available to help students and families explore, plan and prepare for what comes after high school, whether that is college or another career prep pathway.

Student Success Steps (PK-12)

Students and families are encouraged to regularly review and take grade level appropriate action steps that will help prepare students for success after high school.

Family Guiding Steps (PK-12)

Families are encouraged to regularly review grade level suggestions outlining action steps designed to help students meet important deadlines and career preparation milestones.