Family Resources

Kids 2 College

Below you will find steps you can take each year, to best prepare your student for academic success and future career opportunities. Completing the activities outlined will ensure your student has access to more opportunities after high school.

Guiding Steps for Families (PK-12)

By taking certain steps at different times in your child’s life, families can help their students prepare for academic success during their PK-12 school years while helping prepare them for what will come after graduation.

Senior Planning Calendar

When reviewed and updated throughout Junior & Senior year, your student will be better prepared to meet critical deadlines for college, vocational training centers, apprenticeships, and financial aid.

FAFSA Completion Assistance

ACPE has many tools and resources to help you and your family complete the FAFSA. Families and students each have their own sections to complete.

Success Center Resources

The ACPE Success Center offers assistance with career exploration, training research, applications, financial aid and more.

Student Success Steps (PK-12)

Helping your student use the resources and complete the activities outlined in these steps will ensure they have access to more education and career opportunities after high school.

Kids2Careers Curriculum Resources

Whether signing up to teach this curriculum at home or learning more about your student’s participation at school, you will find Family Information Sheets for all 6 lessons, the Family Survey card for participating students, and a program application.

Alaska 529 Education Savings Plan

Our partners at Alaska 529 can help your family save for college, vocational school and certification programs after high school.


Training & Enrichment Resources

Help your student identify education and training resources through a search engine put together by our partners at AlaskaCAN!