Fisheries (Winn Brindle)

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How to Apply

  1. Complete an application
  2. Add a cosigner if you don't have a qualifying credit history
  3. Sign your loan documents and mail them to us


  • Be an Alaska resident
  • Have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • Be enrolled full-time in a fisheries-related career vocational-technical program or associate, baccalaureate, or graduate degree program

Accepting Your Award

Once your Winn Brindle loan is approved, we will send you a loan application disclosure. You must accept the disclosure before the funds can be disbursed to your school. The quickest way to review the disclosure and accept your loan is to complete the process electronically through your online account.



After you accept your loan application disclosure, your Winn Brindle funds will be sent directly to your school's financial aid office, in accordance with their scheduled financial aid disbursement dates.

Before you take out the Winn Brindle Loan, there is important loan information you should know. At ACPE, we've put this together in one spot for you to review: ACPE Loans - What You Need to Know

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