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Education Loan Borrowers--Consumer Alert!

The ACPE website is currently undergoing updates that will result in a new look. Although you can continue to use the site, for the next 6 hours, you may experience irregularities in the look and feel of the site. Please visit us and explore our new look after the weekend. You may also access your account information or make payments via our Interactive Voice Response System by calling 1-800-441-2962 or 465-2962 in Juneau.

If you are considering applying for federal education loan forgiveness, repayment options, rehabilitation or consolidation, please be advised the application/filing process is completely FREE of charge. You are never required to pay a fee for the application or its processing. ACPE recommends that you always work directly with your education loan lender or the Federal Department of Education (1-800-433-3243) if you are interested in one of these options. If you have questions or want more information, please contact ACPE's customer service center (toll free at 800-441-2962 or in Juneau, 907-465-2962).


Frequently Accessed Services

  • The “net price” of a college factors in expenses (tuition & fees) and financial aid (grants & scholarships). Use the Net Price Calculator at to compare the real costs of the colleges you are considering.

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  • Follow ACPE on Facebook and keep up with financial aid, college planning, career resources and important dates and deadlines.\followacpe

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  • Depending on the school, fee waivers may be available to low-income applicants. If you think you may qualify for a fee waiver, contact the admission office.

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  • The FAFSA is available on January 1st of each year, so file it then or shortly thereafter. The form is year-specific so make sure you file the FAFSA for the academic year in which you plan to enroll – and remember, you will need to file the renewal in each year you seek aid.

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