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Parents, use this guide to help your student(s) leverage AKCIS in planning and preparing for life beyond high school.

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Parent FAQs

AKCIS.org connects students with online Personal Learning & Career Planning (PLCP) resources. Students continue to develop their PLCPs over the years helping them become self-advocates who know the answers to Who am I?, Where am I going?, and How do I get there? With an AKCIS Parent Account you can get involved in your student’s postsecondary planning all along the way.

Parents/guardians can contact their student’s school AKCIS Site Administrators or Staff Account holders to have an AKCIS Parent Account created for each of their students.

The student is the only person who is able to add, change, or remove any entries and reflections in the student’s AKCIS Portfolio.

AKCIS Parent Account holders can view their student’s Self-Survey results; Favorited items such as Schools, Programs of Study, Scholarships, Career Clusters, and Careers of interest; and Resume and Cover Letter entries.

Students are thinking of what Career(s) they want in elementary school. AKCIS Jr. 360 is available for 3rd through 8th grade to give students realistic, Alaska examples of expenses and Careers, including wages and employment and outlook forecasting over the next 10 years.

AKCIS 360 Portfolios continues to grow with your student. Each of the AKCIS Site Types flows into the next – AKCIS Jr (3rd – 8th grades), AKCIS High School (9th-12th), AKCIS Postsecondary, and AKCIS Workforce Development for Job Seekers. Your student can continue to build their Personal Learning & Career Plan (PLCP) in AKCIS 360 for years to come.

If you are unsure whether your student’s school is registered as an AKCIS site, ask a teacher or school counselor. If they are not a registered AKCIS site, contact AKCIS@alaska.gov so AKCIS staff can discuss the benefits of becoming a registered AKCIS site with your student’s school staff.