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Job Seekers Login Information

If you are a job seeker, login through your local Job Center, community organization, or other agency with which you are affiliated.

If you are unsure whether your Job Center or agency is registered as an AKCIS site, ask a counselor, case manager, or staff member. If they are not a registered AKCIS site, contact the AKCIS Help Desk at AKCIS@alaska.gov so AKCIS staff can discuss the benefits of becoming a registered AKCIS site with the facility or program staff.

  • Logging in under your registered site allows you access to special features offered with the specific site, including custom Career Plan activity lists created by that site.
  • Your AKCIS Site Administrators can help you, should you forget your personal username and password.
  • If logged in through the correct Job Center, your career counselor can send you important messages and reminders through your AKCIS Portfolio.
  • After you login to AKCIS 360 for the first time through the appropriate site, you should immediately create a Portfolio.
  • When you create your own Portfolio, you will create a personal username and password. In the future, you should always use this new username and password to directly log in to your AKCIS Portfolio.
  • This Portfolio will allow you to save occupational information, self-survey results, schools and training center information, personal files, self-reflections, and resume information.

Ask the Job Center, case worker, or community organization staff for the site username and password for AKCIS accounts; this is what you will use the first time you login.

If you are not working with a Job Center or other agency in your community, you can still use AKCIS. Click the “Login with your Zip Code” link in the blue login box on the AKCIS.org homepage. Then select your town and enter your zip code to gain access. Create your AKCIS Portfolio to create your personal username and password for use during future login sessions.