Success Center
One-on-one coaching and group workshops are available with a college and career specialist. Complete the FAFSA, explore career options, research career training facilities, search for scholarships, and more.
Create a portfolio, take assessments, explore careers, research education opportunities, compile scholarships, build a resume, and put some planning tools to work for you.
College Goal Alaska is a series of events across Alaska where financial aid professionals join other volunteers to help Alaska's students complete the FAFSA.
Early college awareness programs and resources help second through eighth grade students explore their interests, open their minds to a multitude of college and career options, and take the appropriate first steps toward success by guiding them to build early personal learning and career plans. 
A video series of financial topics that are highly relevant to college students, featuring Alaskan college students who outline the best way to pay for college and training without getting in over your head.
A guide for understanding the college and career training options in Alaska and how to get enrolled. Request copies here.

Our Team

  • Have you updated your portfolio today?
    Julia, AKCIS Partnership Coordinator
  • I work with schools, campuses, community organizations, and volunteers to bring college awareness programs into K-12 classrooms across Alaska.
    Shelly, K-12 Specialist
  • Building connections and strengthening the Alaska college and career training culture.
    Barbara, Community Partnership Manager
  • Working to bring knowledge of postsecondary opportunities to Alaskans.
    Christina, Marketing Specialist
  • From the magazine to the website, helping Alaskan's pursue education is my mission.
    Gretchen, Publication Specialist
  • Postsecondary education for Alaskans is my passion.
    Rebekah, Director of Outreach & Early Awareness
  • In 2015, Krystal began her work as the ACPE Community Outreach Supervisor. In this role, Krystal fosters community relationships while traveling to remote areas of Alaska, presenting on postsecondary education opportunities, as well as state and federal financial aid programs.
    Krystal, Community Outreach Supervisor
  • Daniel absolutely loves learning anything and everything! He became a College and Career Specialist because "I enjoy helping people set and achieve their postsecondary goals; where there's a will, there's a way!"
    Daniel, College and Career Specialist
  • With over eight years of experience in higher education, I understand the barriers minorities face in pursuing a postsecondary education. As a College and Career Specialist, my goal is to empower and guide all Alaskans to navigate through the channels of pursuing and advancing their educational goals, whether it is a degree, certificate, vocational or apprenticeship program.
    Adelina, College and Career Specialist
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