Change of Authorization

Amendments to Authorization, Administrative Approval, Change of Ownership

Status changes that depart from the information specified in the institutions most recent Renewal of Authorization application must be approved by the Commission before implementation, regardless of it requiring or not requiring Commission action. Amendments to Authorization or a Change of Owner require Commission Action, and some changes to an institutions Authorization may be change via Administrative Approval.

Amendments to Authorization

Institutions may make amendments to the institutions authorization status, including Programs, Locations, and Mission.

Application Process

Changes to an authorized institution, require Commission approval and must be submitted at least 90 days before the Commission meeting at which the request is to be considered. Applications follow a similar process to other Authorization matters:

  • The institution submits the appropriate application, forms, and supporting materials to ACPE, including payment of fees.
  • Staff reviews the submitted documentation and schedules a site visit, as necessary. If the information is incomplete or additional information is required, staff will contact the institution.
  • Staff forwards a recommendation to the Commission for consideration at the next scheduled Commission meeting. 
  • The Commission reviews the institution information and staff recommendation at the quarterly meeting. Institution staff may comment on the information and recommendation at the meeting.
  • The Commission takes action on the application.
  • Staff notifies the institution of the Commission's action.

The institution shall present a program amendment application for approval of additional fields or courses in which it seeks to offer instruction. This action may be contingent on the institution obtaining approval from other regulatory bodies.

Prior to offering instruction at a new location, the institution must be approved by the Commission to ensure evidence of compliance with applicable state, municipal, and federal licensing, zoning, health, and safety requirements.

If an institution wishes to make alterations to its existing location that deviates from the most recent Renewal of Authorization, the institution must obtain approval prior to making changes.

All institutions must have a clear and explicate statement of institutional purpose that describes measureable goals and outcomes, and provide programs consistent with the institutions statement of purpose. If an institution wishes to change its mission or purpose, it must obtain approval.

Change of Ownership

An institution with an Authorization to Operate shall notify the Commission before entering into contracts or negotiations related to sale of the institution. At least 30 days before the effective date of a Change of Ownership of an institution, the new owner shall submit an Application for Initial Authorization and application fee. The completed application must include the required fee a description of any changes to be made at the institution as a result of the Change in Ownership, the effective date of the change, and a statement of the assets and obligations that will be transferred. Upon determination that the application is complete, the Commission staff shall place the application on the agenda for the next Commission meeting. An institution that administers financial aid on behalf of the Commission must have a Change in Ownership approved in order to be eligible to continue to administer that aid. Upon approval by the Commission, the Commission will issue to the institution an Authorization to Operate.

Administrative Approval

Not all items require Commission action and may be Administratively Approved if they are not substantive. Changes that may follow the Administrative Approval process include:

  • Curriculum, Program Name,
  • Instructional Delivery Method
  • Senior Management
  • Tuition Changes
  • Discontinuing Program
  • Institutional Name
  • Catalog/Enrollment Contracts